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This is Prolly's summer 2011 tour EP.


released May 15, 2011

Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Jacy Oliver 2011



all rights reserved


Prolly Santa Fe, New Mexico

PROLLY is a folk punk-inspired math rock band from Santa Fe, NM.

Our spirit animal is a river dolphin.

We like long walks in the desert.

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Track Name: iamanotheryourself
Inside your soul resides someone more than who you thought you were before your mind reached out and stole you from believing in the self inside that was always watching you.
Track Name: Bipolaris
Even at her most willing
How willing is a girl that young to be
How willing is a girl that young to see
Repercussions building up beneath

And even as the places we remember
Become just the places we remember
Covered up by buildings unfamiliar
To the memories we can't recover

Even as the spaces that remain
Still hold an overwhelming since of shame
Have we all forgotten where we came from
Staring in the face of another armageddon
Track Name: Sky Language
You don't have to be afraid of . . .

Darkness falls on half the world
So half of us can rest our souls
The light we shine, burns out the night
and its hard, its hard

Always looking down at something else and missing out on seeing
The clouds above spell out the new sky language of our coming changes
To you and me its clear to see
We're caught in the lies that keep us alive
I don't want to hurry, but I can't help but worry
It's times like these when it all comes to said and done

We'll hold our heads high and take all the time we need
To prepare ourselves to die with the world we made
To die with the world we made
Track Name: Plumbing
Like a mother, this house has roots into the sewer
Somedays flood worse than others

I can't stay here forever
It's time for me to go

And I watch you smile
though every word you speak is painful
It hasn't stopped you yet

And I watch you cry out
But words never changing
Fall only to deaf ears

Time to lay our fears down

These days I'll do the moving on my own
never not on my own
If you'll let me, if we'll let each other go

You don't know who I'll become
Let me go find my own home